What Matters

We, at Rawg and MV, are dedicated towards the upliftment of the nation through its prodigies - Children. We strive to make our children, the real future and work-force of any nation, proficient, educated and self-sufficient to pave the way of our country towards perennial success. Nothing can be more comforting to see that toothless infectious smile on those innocent faces. Every child has mammoth potential and can scale inordinate heights if equipped with decent learning opportunities.

We have collaborated with an NGO that aims to transform the lives of children from marginalized communities through quality education interventions and other programs for their all-round development and try to bring them in the ivy league. We desire to strike a chord with each child in every nook and corner of the country who is deprived of the basic necessities - food, shelter and education. We fancy a world where every child enjoys the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

As a partner with the NGO, we donate a portion of every sale made to help create a sustainable future for the children. While each region poses its own unique challenges, they all require the same thing: humans working together. Through our partner, we ensure that the money reaches the deepest pockets of India and bring the kids back to school to a better future. We uphold the values of accountability, ambition, collaboration, creativity and integrity and will strive to do our bit to contribute to children's well-being. Our team of enthusiasts ensure that the funds are put to proper use to enable our progenies realize their latent potential and accomplish their dreams.

Nothing is going to stop us until a daunting smile finds its way on the faces of all tiny tots out there, ready to embrace life for a better future tomorrow.

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