Our Story

We are fanatical torchbearers of upscale, classy, versatile and comfortable Denim line catering to the dynamic and robust taste of today’s youth. Set up in the spring of 2017, we intend to revolutionize the world of Denim with our products. Our fundamentals of creativity, quality assurance, best fitting and competitive pricing would be adhered to the core.

We adore Denim, an ardor we share with anyone who cherishes the oldest piece as the vintage one. No fabric ages quite as beautifully as Denim; the longer you wear them, the more personality and aura they inherit. Nothing seems more tranquil than the old slouchy pair.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”, says the legendary Coco Chanel and who are we to differ. We have breathed this notion time and again. Our articles bundled and crafted with love aspire to enable Denim lovers to gratify their own dynamic fashion needs. We don’t just make Denims, we craft a way of thinking, a notion, and a perennial passion, channelized by the realms of Denim and the sophistication of the fabric itself. 

We design our Denims to fit perfectly because we believe that when a woman is comfortable, alluring and confident, she can go miles. Comfort and fashion when blended together can take the world by storm. We want the women of today to unleash the hidden ‘Wonder Woman’ in them. We are still to decipher the law that states Denim only as a casual wear. For us, Denim is the epitome of business. For it empowers the body it adorns with ultimate comfort and confidence. 

Our team of highly innovative and talented designers strive hard to offer new fashion products regularly. We plan on expanding our portfolio to Denim made accessories in the near future. Stay tuned!

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