The skill of dressing aesthetically elegant!

The skill of dressing aesthetically elegant!

Sartorial elegance is every girl’s desire. Who doesn’t want to dress classy and elegant! Fashion clothing is like fresh air for us – setting up a statement at office, amongst friends, house party, romantic dinner! Having plethora of options to seamlessly transit from occasions is our cherished goal but is it possible to have such an expansive wardrobe if you are not Kim Kardarshian or Kareena Kapoor?

With a wise combination of trendy casuals with chic accessories, it is possible to emerge a fashion icon on all events. Discounting the existing clothing for a new one would be a bad idea. Instead, adding a blend of sophistication and class to your existing clothing line would definitely make heads turn. Let us explore a few tips and tricks that can eliminate the need for a disparate wardrobe for all occasions:

Cherish your personal style. Never ever follow any fashion trend blindly. Rather, you can emulsify your personal style with the latest trends to kick-start a new one.

Always dress comfortably. Comfort can never be substituted. Go for quality fabrics and never compromise on pure cotton clothing to beat the scorching sun.

Classic and minimal fashion is never outdated. They retain their class at all times. Never resist yourself in splurging on these fashion must-haves.

Color combination is the key. Though, color rejuvenates you, still in summers, light pastel shades are always in vogue. Whites are the safest best and the best option to pair with Denims.

Bold patterns and prints may not be everyone’s style nor are neutral shades. But why restrict yourself. Try out new styles and patterns and explore this world of fashion.

Right fitting is the heart of any outfit. Never ever wear clothes that don’t complement your body structure. Frequent visits to your tailor may be a headache, but there’s no gain without pain. Ill-fitted clothes may even turn a Diva into a disaster.

Always shy away from wearing over revealing or extra tight fitted clothes. Classy dressing requires a bit of modesty, sheen and elan. Let your attitude and aura make heads turn and not our oozing sexism.

Never overdo with your accessories. Simplicity and minimalism is the best way while aiming for aesthetic dressing.

Scarves are a must have in this sultry summer. Not only it will protect you from getting tanned but also adds color, style and visual charm in your clothing.

Invest in good sunglasses. Your chic look is incomplete without them. Always choose shades depending on your facial shape.

Without a great footwear, any classy outfit is incomplete. Pumps, flats, boots in solid neutrals such as black, beige, blue are the safest bets. They compliment awesomely with multitude of outfits.

Your hair and makeup play an unimaginably important role in transforming your personality. Stay away from loud makeup and blingy hair accessories.

Always make sure that your clothes are neat, clean and wrinkle free. Check for holes, frayed hemlines and loose threads.

Always smell good. Religiously wear a great fragrance to complement your amazing style.

Personal hygiene is the deemed step. Indulge in good pedicure, manicure and overall personal well-being as it is an extension of your wardrobe.

Just keep the above checklist handy and get ready to rock the world. Remember, being classy doesn’t mean being boring or repetitive. It attributes to carrying yourself in a stylish, elegant and sophisticated manner. So, stay stylish stay fashionable and unleash the Fashion Diva hidden in you.

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