Stay away monsoon, I'm still stylish!

Stay away monsoon, I'm still stylish!

When the sweltering summer heat retreats and monsoon thunders with a splash, romance, vibrant colours and rainy clothes take over. Monsoon brings with itself dauntless fashion that reflects your identity and moods. Monsoon is indeed the season to make bold and vivid fashion statements. The hottest styles this season are Denim shorts, short skirts, capri’s, dungarees, sling tops, ganjees, cargo pants, strappy rain sandals, colourful gum boots, trendy umbrella’s, rain poncho and sexy transparent raincoats.

Dressing immaculately at work can be a taxing task especially during the monsoons. Unfortunately it is all about appearance these days. You might be exceptional at work, but if you arrive in a damp, flabby outfit with squelching footwear, it would any day tarnish your professional image.

Let us discover some easy tips to counter monsoon worries and stay upbeat and trendy this damp season:

1. Opt for Cotton and linen: Put away synthetic clothes. They tend to cling to the body once wet. Cotton lets your skin breathe and dries up easily. Alternatively, you can wear light blended fabrics such as lycra or polyester as these clothes are wrinkle free and easy to maintain. Stay away from sheer clothing.

2. Get colourful: Handle the dull grey weather with vibrant shades of red, pink, orange and blue. It’s the season to experiment in bold prints.Avoid wearing light or pastel color clothes since they tend to become translucent when wet. Stay away from prints and fabric like Bhandhej and other Rajasthani prints that tend to bleed when wet.

3. Coloured or transparent raincoats and umbrellas: Umbrellas and raincoats of flamboyant colors and prints are so much in vogue. Try bright orange this monsoon. It’s really modish this season. Catch hold of a strong collapsible umbrella that will effortlessly fit into your bag. Rain ponchos in fun prints are must haves.

4. Loose clothing: On a rainy day, instead of sporting tight fitted tops, you can opt for loose tops. Crop tops, ganjees and tank tops can be a great option. Pair it up with neutral or solid shorts/skirts and get ready to be a head turner.

5. Leather shoes are big no-no: Avoid leather footwear. Instead go for those colourful ballerina flats, jelly shoes, floaters or even crocs. For professional purposes, you can keep a formal pair in your bag or in office cabinet. Always make sure to get sturdy and strappy footwear with a firm grip as it is really muddy and slippery out there. You need to give your feet equal importance. Let them breathe.

6. Minimal makeup: Minimal is in. Avoid going for heavy makeups and make sure you stay away from powdered mascara and concealer. Apply waterproof mascara, pencil liner, bright lip color with a dab of blush and you are ready to roll. This season, highlight your natural beauty and reveal its aura.

7. Long pants and skirts are to be kept at bay: Go for Shorts or Capris this season. Long pants or skirts tend to get muddled up and stained. For ethnic wear lovers, Kurti and leggings would be a safe option. Shirt dresses are #OOTS. They are versatile and chic.

8. Hairstyling: The damp atmosphere results in frizzy hair so tying them up in a neat bun or a pony tail would be safer. Hair tends to fall a lot during monsoon but oiling and regular wash helps in averting it. Eat lots of veggies apart from monsoon delicacies. 😛

9. Handbags and accessories: The paramount humidity and moist tends to spoil your gadgets so get hold of flashy waterproof covers. Keep away from leather and cloth bags as they are likely to get soggy and breed fungus when wet. Instead, keep your possessions safe and dry in a trendy bag made up of waterproof material. Transparent fashion bags are a rage these days.

10. Spare clothing: It is a must to have an additional piece of garment with you all the time to brave the uncalled for rains and dirty puddle water stains and that fall of chutney or tea. Stay dry and pristine!

Hope you all have a great monsoon and let not the dampen weather break your spirits of setting new trends! The world is waiting to hear from you!

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