Fashion v/s Comfort – The ultimate winner?

Fashion v/s Comfort – The ultimate winner?

Talk of the teenagers and the foremost thing that strikes to our mind is style, rebellion and exuberant energy. Fashion is quintessentially the factor that is driving the youth of today ‘crazy’. They are raring to go to any extent to accomplish this obsession of theirs. Sometimes, this insanity turns ugly and even precarious for them.

Recent episodes of youth turning to theft to support a lavish lifestyle, passion crimes, slip-disc problem amongst girls due to wearing heels for prolong period, skinny jeans acting as a deterrent for free flow of blood in legs, rampant use of cosmetics robbing the skin of its natural flare are a few repercussions that one comes across while weighing the noxious effects of fashion.

But, if we look closely, should fashion be held responsible for this? It’s the personal impropriety of an individual to disdain the perils of following anything blindly. Fashion is meant to be savored and celebrated. It is up to the person to peruse it the right way. Why can’t fashion and comfort go hand in hand? Can’t a girl look sexy wearing a short dress with slip on’s, or with a tube dress or a maxi with comforters or wedges. I agree heels are indispensable part of a girl’s wardrobe but did the Fashion God compel you to live your entire life in heels. Grow up girl! Put on your best pair of heels but mind it, the heel should be comfortable enough so that at the end of the day, your legs don’t suffer due to an erroneous decision.

Fashion is all about attitude and the right attitude comes with comfort and confidence. Carry even the shabbiest of dress with serenity and you would be the ultimate diva! Self belief and your radiance is the key! That’s the best fashion maneuver. Don’t fall prey to nuance gimmick. Always wear what you feel comfortable in. Feel good, carry a smile and flaunt your luster like never before. Trust me, you would be so much more alluring to this world.

Don’t we all agree that Denim shorts are a must have but the same shorts may not be best fitted to girls with heavy bottoms. But who cares! Get a Dobby one and wear it with a long top or a crop top with a fairly long shrug, pair it up with cool slip-ons and matching accessories and get ready to rock the world. Mix and match girls. Let not fashion trounce you and make yourself its prey. Fashion is You!

Just infuse a pinch of style with a pinch of comfort, grind it with loads of confidence and serve with a killer smile and right attitude – the ultimate diva is for all to cheer!

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