Carry your swag, be stylish this summer!

Carry your swag, be stylish this summer!

Though summers are in full swing to shock us each year with its increasing magnitude, nothing can stop our Fashion Brigade from staying stylish and upbeat. Global Warming can’t be controlled in a day but for immediate relief, let us unravel ways to tackle with this sultry and humid weather in a playful fashionable way:

1. Shorts are customary: Girls, give your jeans a break. Wear more of shorts to keep it groovy and funky. Shorts are available in such cool shades and pattern to instantly dazzle our eyes. Go for those dobby denims, the floral hosiery ones, the workout shorts for more comfort and opulence.

2. Borrow full sleeve shirts from the male brigade: For the reprieve from the glaring sun, never move out of the house uncovered. Borrow fancy checkered cotton shirts from your father/brothers/boyfriends to let your skin breathe and stay protected from the baleful rays at the same time. Shirts paired with tees, ganjees looks ultra cool.

3. Get your shades handy: It’s the time to refresh your shades collection. Ray Ban, Armani, Versace, Idee, Gladiators are waiting to be hooked. Get the glaring ones according to your facial structure and bring out all the new swanky personality.

4. Be innovative with the scarves: Scarves not only protect you from the scorching heat but it instantly enlivens your clothing if adorned with poise and elegance. Try out various chic ways of draping from you tube for that new look and enjoy the admiring gaze of passers by.

5. Invest in a good sunscreen: Sunscreen is a requisite. Splurge on a good one rather than shelling loads on spa’s and anti-tanning packs later on in salons. Anything above 50 SPF is recommended and make sure you apply immediately before moving out and reapply in every two hours. Not only will it moist your skin but blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays.

6. Get Hatty: Hats just accentuate your wardrobe immensely. Get baseball hats, denim caps, apple caps, Berets etc. Berets and Fascinator Hats are ‘must haves’ for girls for that vintage Hollywood look. It instantly draws all the attention to its intricate detail.

7. Umbrellas are back in vogue: I am not referring to the tattered black one but the numerous colourful counterparts that are currently selling like hot cakes. Just ienvisage the look with a cool dress with glaring shades, nice heels and a colourful printed umbrella for that summery look.

8. Heavy Makeup is a big no-no: Stay away from heavy makeup as much as you can. Let your skin breathe the natural way. Make sure your wash your face with a mild facewash twice a day and scrub atleast once a week. With a dash of kajal, mascara and that rosy lipstick and you are ready to party.

9. Look after your hair: Avoid using chemicals on your hair. During summers, hair automatically tends to become brittle and oily. Get a hair wash in every two days to get off the sweat from your scalp. You can apply hair mask of natural ingredients like henna and egg for that glossy strong hair.

10. Have ample amount of H2O: For all the chemistry wizards out there, you know what I am talking about. For the rest, it is water I am referring to. Keep water in a glass jar with a slice of lemon, cucumber or mint for that fresh feel. Nothing is better than water, juices, lemonade and coconut water to beat the summer blues.

11. Get all flatty and floaty: Floaters and flats are the best picks right now. For those sweaty feets, wear footwear that gives your legs enough room to breathe. Avoid wearing tight or closed shoes to show off those beautiful pedicured feet.

12. Essentials for your handbags: Handbags are not just another fashion accessory. It is a one stop store for all our needs-deodorant, comb, lipstick, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, mirror, medicines etc. So be choosy with your bags and ensure its spacious enough.

So, let’s brace ourselves to bear the sweltering summers and still stay trendy, swanky and fashionable.

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  • Kriti

    Inspiring read! Guess I got to get ready now. ;)

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