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15 quotes that celebrate the love for Denim

Denim, the quintessential versatile and evergreen fabric will ever be bygone. Denim, believed to have taken origin in the French town called Nimes, was popularly used in manufacturing trousers for Italian sailors in the 19th century. Since then, the classic fabric has evolved beyond imagination. Let's recall a few eternal quotes by celebrated men and women in reverence of this sturdy twill cotton fabric: 1. Blue Denims are the most beautiful things since the gondola ~ Diana Vreeland 2. In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world ~ Razelle T 3. I think Denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It's kind of my uniform, really ~ Clemence Poesy 4. Food. Water. Denim. Let's get back to essentials ~ Anonymous 5....

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Stay away monsoon, I'm still stylish!

When the sweltering summer heat retreats and monsoon thunders with a splash, romance, vibrant colours and rainy clothes take over. Monsoon brings with itself dauntless fashion that reflects your identity and moods. Monsoon is indeed the season to make bold and vivid fashion statements. The hottest styles this season are Denim shorts, short skirts, capri’s, dungarees, sling tops, ganjees, cargo pants, strappy rain sandals, colourful gum boots, trendy umbrella’s, rain poncho and sexy transparent raincoats.Dressing immaculately at work can be a taxing task especially during the monsoons. Unfortunately it is all about appearance these days. You might be exceptional at work, but if you arrive in a damp, flabby outfit with squelching footwear, it would any day tarnish your professional...

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Carry your swag, be stylish this summer!

Though summers are in full swing to shock us each year with its increasing magnitude, nothing can stop our Fashion Brigade from staying stylish and upbeat. Global Warming can’t be controlled in a day but for immediate relief, let us unravel ways to tackle with this sultry and humid weather in a playful fashionable way:1. Shorts are customary: Girls, give your jeans a break. Wear more of shorts to keep it groovy and funky. Shorts are available in such cool shades and pattern to instantly dazzle our eyes. Go for those dobby denims, the floral hosiery ones, the workout shorts for more comfort and opulence.2. Borrow full sleeve shirts from the male brigade: For the reprieve from the glaring sun,...

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Fashion v/s Comfort – The ultimate winner?

Talk of the teenagers and the foremost thing that strikes to our mind is style, rebellion and exuberant energy. Fashion is quintessentially the factor that is driving the youth of today ‘crazy’. They are raring to go to any extent to accomplish this obsession of theirs. Sometimes, this insanity turns ugly and even precarious for them.Recent episodes of youth turning to theft to support a lavish lifestyle, passion crimes, slip-disc problem amongst girls due to wearing heels for prolong period, skinny jeans acting as a deterrent for free flow of blood in legs, rampant use of cosmetics robbing the skin of its natural flare are a few repercussions that one comes across while weighing the noxious effects of fashion.But, if...

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The skill of dressing aesthetically elegant!

Sartorial elegance is every girl’s desire. Who doesn’t want to dress classy and elegant! Fashion clothing is like fresh air for us – setting up a statement at office, amongst friends, house party, romantic dinner! Having plethora of options to seamlessly transit from occasions is our cherished goal but is it possible to have such an expansive wardrobe if you are not Kim Kardarshian or Kareena Kapoor?With a wise combination of trendy casuals with chic accessories, it is possible to emerge a fashion icon on all events. Discounting the existing clothing for a new one would be a bad idea. Instead, adding a blend of sophistication and class to your existing clothing line would definitely make heads turn. Let us...

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